Fermat is a design & engineering research company. Our mission is to rethink how people interact with tools, computers and ideas .


We believe in a future where the way humans interact with information, knowledge, and technology will have fundamentally changed. We’re working on the concepts and technologies that will make it possible. One of our key activities is the development of innovative human-machine interaction models: technologies, design principles and philosophies that will enable humans and machines to cooperate in a healthy way. We question, design and build new paradigms of computation. We try to answer the following question: What do we want the future to look like? The human experience should be at the core of everything we do. Augmenting human capabilities and a brighter future should be the ultimate goal. We Innovate by guiding principles. We progress with a few considerations in mind: tools are built for humans and should work at human speed. Lightness and balance: we are minimalists at heart. Taking a natural approach, even when we’re designing a completely new way of exploring knowledge. While we're still extremely young as a company, we have envisioned a set of products and lines of research that are aligned with our mission and will allow us to start walking in the best direction to accomplish it.